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The unique and beautiful keyboards from the 17th century




After the outstanding restoration, conducted with utmost care and respect for the old instrument by Yves CABOURDIN, four ceremonies took place to celebrate with all essential splendor, this highly significant local event.





*  Yves Cabourdin : Rozay en Brie bestows on him the city’s official medal

*  First Concert by Michel CHAPUIS

*  Second Concert by Alain MABIT

*  Blessing of the organ

*  Tribute to Andrée DARAS, former principal organist






*      The mayor of Rozay en Brie, bestows upon the master organ builder the city’s official medal march 20th, 1996



Yves Cabourdin (left) and Michel Bonnard



On March 20, 1996, when the splendid restoration had been completed by Yves CABOURDIN, Mr. Michel Bonnard, at that time the mayor of Rozay en Brie, bestowed upon the master organ builder the city’s official medal.


Yves CABOURDIN, quite moved, admitted that Rozay en Brie is the first city to bestow on him this honor.




*      FIRST INAUGURATION CONCERT - Michel CHAPUIS - April 13th, 1996



Michel Chapuis



Program :



Gilles Jullien (1653 – 1707)

Prélude du 2° ton


Cromhorne en taille

Basse de trompette


François Couperin (1668 – 1733) – Extracts from « la Messe à l’usage des Couvents » :

Kyrie :

-         Plein Jeu

-         Fugue sur le trompette

-         Récit de cromhorne

-         Trio à 2 dessus de cromhorne et de basse de tierce

-         Dialogue / 5° couplet du Kyrie



Offertoire sur les Grands Jeux

Sanctus :

-         Plein Jeu

-         Récit de cornet

-         Elévation : Tierce en taille


Georg Böhm (1661 – 1733)

Choral : Vater unser im Himmelreich


Dietrich Buxtehude

Choral: Wie schön leuchtet der morgenstern


Jean-François Dandrieu

Magnificat du 3° ton (6 versets)

Offertoire du 1er ton



Michel CHAPUIS, ended the concert with an impressive improvisation on the “thème de l’Angelot”, that is to say, the unknown melody (from the Brie region ?) engraved on the partition held by the cherub located on the central turret of the case of the large organ.


In the collegiate of Rozay en Brie, not a single seat was available, and some spectators were seated, here and there, on the stone steps. Everyone in the region that one would consider to be music lovers or organists were gathered together that evening. Moreover, some came a great distance to hear once again the great historical organ of Rozay en Brie, played by Michel Chapuis.


Although Michel Chapuis usually activated the bellows himself, during the concert, he asked Yves CABOURDIN to activate the bellows, which date back to the original construction.


At the end of the concert, thunderous applause greeted Michel Chapuis. Yves CABOURDIN, urged on to the front of the organ loft by the organist, deeply moved, was greeted by a standing ovation.







*      SECOND INAUGURATION CONCERT– Alain MABIT - April 14th, 1996



Alain Mabit



Program :


Jehan Titelouze (1563 - 1633)

Veni creator (4 versets)


Jan Petersloon Sweelinck (1562 - 1621)

Ps. 36: Du malin le méchant vouloir (3 versets)


Francisco Correa de Araujo ( ? - 1663)

Tiento de medio registro de triple de secundo tono



Nicolas de Grigny (1671 - 1703): Gloria:

«Et in terra pax» à 5

«Benedicimus te»: Fugue

«Domine Deus Rex coelestis»: Récit de tierce en taille

«Domine Deus Agnus Dei»: Basse de trompette ou de cromorne

«Qui tollis peccata mundi»: Dialogue

«Quoniam tu solus sanctus»: Fugue à 5

«Tu solus altissimus»: Trio

«Amen»: Dialogue


J.S Bach (1685 - 1750)

Contrepoints 1 et 9 de « l’Art de la fugue »





Before a large audience, Alain Mabit insisted upon presenting, on his own, his concert, along with commentaries on the different pieces that he played, while also praising the incomparable restoration work done by Yves CABOURDIN.

The presentation, done by the performer himself was highly appreciated by the public, for which usually an organ concert is a concert that one attends to listen to the music. The organist, more often than not, is hidden from the public and is only seen briefly during the interludes.







*      Formal catholic ceremony to welcome the restored organ to the collegiate church of Rozay en Brie.



Philippe Lécossais - Organ, Spéphane Guérinet - trumpet


On Saturday, April 20, 1996, during a moving ceremony, and in the presence of a large gathering, Monsignor Louis CORNET, Bishop of Meaux, greeted and blessed the great restored Organ.


Philippe LECOSSAIS, Principal organist, is at the keyboards.






*      Tribute to Andrée DARAS, former principal organist.



Andrée Daras



Miss Andrée Daras was the principal organist at Rozay en Brie ever since its restoration in 1933 by Gabriel D’ALENCON and until 1990.


For 57 years in charge of her parish organ, she was able to meet and get to know a number of organists who became famous, such as young Chapuis et Cochereau in the 50s, and still many others. She was on familiar terms with them and called them by their given name; <those youngsters> as she liked to call them!


During all those years she jealously watched over the organ (and she did not allow just anybody to play it).


Unfortunately, Andrée Daras passed away during the restoration carried out by Yves Cabourdin, and consequently did not experience both the pleasure and the emotion on hearing once again HER organ in all its restored majesty.



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