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Rozay en Brie Historic Organ – Photo: Philippe Lécossais



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Introductory History


At the city hall square, an interesting granite marker, pink as it should be, indicates to the traveler that he stands at the center of  la Brie. Better yet, according to the historians, at the very heart of French music of the 17th and 18th centuries, where la Brie, through the works of the Forquerays, the Couperins and the Clicquots, attained significant renown. Chaumes is nearby, certainly, but it is at Rozay that Jacques Champion, from Chambonnières, had a country house, and that Titon du Tillet, around 1650, places the decisive meeting between the three brother Couperins and the King’s spinet player. Les trois frères Couperin étoient de Chaume, petite ville de la Brie assez proche de la terre de Chambonnière … Ces trois frères (…) firent partie un jour de la feste de Monsieur de Chambonnière d’aller à son château lui donner une aubade (serenade)…’’, serenade leading up to the famous music we know so well.

          The restoration of the organ of the Collegiate church of Notre-Dame in 1996 by the Master Organ Builder Yves Cabourdin (Manufacture Provençale d’Orgues), occurred at the right time to revive this history…. But strangely enough, although the importance of the instrument is understandable due to its place in history,  to its rarity, and, above all, to the story of the organ itself, as well as to its origins, interspersed with so many enigma, that it seems to prolong legend or traditions.


Michel Foussard

Chargé de mission pour le Patrimoine Musical



Bonys : François COUPERIN (Arch. Photos Art and history)





Distinguished members


Distinguished members of the organ world have honored our Association with their friendship and support through their great interest in our priceless instrument - a historic treasure - which we passionately uphold.

We warmly thank :


Marie-Claire ALAIN  





Pascal DUC

André ISOIR 

Pastor de LASALA

Olivier LATRY









Rozay en Brie Historic Organ– Painting by Ágnes Zászkaliczky, organist and painter from Hungary



The many visits


Numerous personalities in the organ world are aware of the rare qualities of the famous French classical instrument of Rozay en Brie.


As such, occasionally or even on a regular basis they honor us with their presence.


Among others, we mention Michel Chapuis (for whom the Rozay organ is so dear), our neighbor and friend Olivier Latry, Madame Marie-Claire Alain, Kurt Lueders, Aude Heurtematte, Odile Pierre, André Isoir, Daniel Chorzempa, Michel Bouvard, Paolo Maria Guardiani (It), Christophe Mantoux, Jean-Philippe Mesnier, Marie-Agnés Grall-Menet, Olivier Vernet, Alastair Ross (UK), Jean-Michel Douillet, Lucie Zàkovà (Tch), Henri Paget, Pastor de Lasala (Australie), Olivier Trachier, Elena Sartori (It), our friend from way back Alain Mabit, Michel Alabau, Fredy Eichelberger, Mami Sakato (J), Agnes Armstrong (USA), Bruce Stevens (USA), Harald Herresthal (Norway), Hans-Jürgen Kaiser (Germany), James Tibbles (NZ), Albert-Jan Roelofs, Francis Vidil,… sorry for all the ones we may have overlooked…


Many come not only for the cultural interest but also for their own enjoyment; others come and return with students or also numerous groups : Francophone, Scandinavian, German, American.

They all leave, deeply moved, after playing such a rare, beautiful, authentic and ancient instrument, comparable to the wonderful keyboards on which the Couperins played !



2006-09-23 PhL-Mami_small

(Photo: Mami Sakato)

For visits, please contact Philippe LECOSSAIS Principal organist.




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